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Wine Pleasures

Municipi on comença: La Llacuna
Municipi on acaba: La Llacuna

With years of research on the local terrain, 30  cruiser/MTB hybrids, and a support vehicle always standing by, Wine Pleasures  assures that you will be given every available tool to enjoy this beautiful  countryside in a comfortable and relaxing manner.



The views start as you round the first bend in the road  where the Montserrat mountain  jets up in the distance and over the circular 26  km itinerary you will see:



Puig  Castellar: the highest point in the region; a nice climb up rocky  terrain with beautiful views of limestone hills and blue and green toned  valleys. Font de les Canals: a natural spring that pours  cold/clear water out of the highest point in the region. Yes it’s time to refill  those water bottles! The Well of Ancosa: described as an  architectural jewel, this stone well is situated right next to Masía Ancosa,  which until recently was the property of the Belgian royal family. The  Oak of Ancosa: this one-thousand year old tree has a 473cm  trunk and is situated next to the highest altitude vineyard in the region which  happens to be the Parellada variety. The tree is famous for traditionally being  used to pass good fortune on to newborns. The Pothole of  Ancosa: is an interesting hole in the earth that goes down to an  ominous looking dark depth of 25-32 meters. The Monestary of  Ancosa- It was built in the 12th century with monks moving in around  the year 1155. They weren’t there long, moving out in 1168ad due to a lack of  drinking water. They left behind gorgeous ruins with a wide range of native  wildlife taking there place amongst the stones. Dry Stone Hut  (one of many in the area) : Used by the locals to store tools and take the  occasional siesta in its cool interior, there are many huts scattered about the  region. This one in particular is a few hundred years old and held together by  only the weight of the stones themselves. Font de les Clots  water bottle refill time again at another natural spring! Then take an easy and  exciting ride past presentine views of the valley below. View the windmills in  the distance to the sprawling green farm lands, lush oak groves and golden wheat  fields stitched together beautifully in the valley.  It’s an easy ride down to  the quaint and charming village of La Llacuna. Once you arrive  in the village of 900 you can’t help but to feel excited about a glass of  chilled cava in the Historic and beautiful Plaza Mayor.


Back to Wine Pleasures for an  aperitivo and a glass or two or three of Brut Nature  Cava.

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Distància: 2.5 Km
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